milk covers (original).jpg
milk covers (original).jpg

About Milk Covers!

"Milk Covers” are beautiful lightweight, breathable handmade breastfeeding covers. They are designed with a ridge at the top to allow you to see through to your special little monkey. Our covers are ideal for anyone who would like to build their confidence with breastfeeding in public, to provide cover from onlookers and to provide a shield to stop your little monkey from getting distracted.​

Milk Covers are made from 100% Cotton which means they are ideal for the hot weather. With the addition of the ridge at the top it allows the cover to stand up to maximise airflow so your monkey and yourself do not get as hot with the Australian weather.

If, like me, you have a cheeky little monkey who likes to stop drinking mid feed to look around at the world or if you want a little bit of privacy from family and friends and those pesky onlookers, while you are feeding or pumping then these Milk Covers are for you.

Our covers help you build your confidence to breastfeed in public especially if you are a first time mum. They allow you to walk and feed at ease and are great to use as a shade on your pram, a lightweight blanket, a burp cloth and much more when you are on the go go go ....


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