Mumma Bear and the Cheeky Monkey!


I originally started creating MILK COVERS when I was breastfeeding my son, Rowan. He started to get distracted when we were feeding and he stopped putting on weight and my milk supply reduced significantly. 

Every medical person told me that "I had a good run with Breastfeeding". However I did not want to give up; I needed something for him to look at so he could concentrate and focus on feeding. 

My friend suggested a breastfeeding cover and I tried all sorts of covers, nothing would work. We would either get too hot or it would fall off my shoulder and I couldnt see him. So I made my own and it worked! I was then able to feed my son, look at him and enjoy breastfeeding again. I absolutely love my covers. I have one in every colour and in every bag, in the car, at mum's aka grannies house, everywhere! I then started making them for my friends and my friends friends; soon I decided to make them and start selling them to the public. 

I also used my cover at work while I expressed milk; I was scared someone would come into the room while I was expressing; and no one wants to see that look at work. It also kept me warm in the air conditioning and during those 3am feeds. 

I soon had Granny helping me where possible. Be it at the markets, doing some sewing or just watching Rowan while I worked my magic, she truly is the best Granny/Mum anyone could have. 

- Tara